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Brand & Logo Design

Transform your brand into a magnet for the right audience to fuel business growth beyond just a logo.

Your brand is like your personal story and what makes you special. How can you make sure that your story connects with the right people? How do you turn your ideas into a design that catches attention, builds trust, and helps your business grow? That’s where I can help.

I specialize in creating designs for brands and I love helping small businesses like yours reach their full potential. I don’t just make logos and graphics. I take a deep look into what your brand stands for, who your customers are, and what others in your industry are doing. This helps me create a consistent brand look that speaks directly to the people you want to reach.

My designs are not only beautiful to look at, but they’re also made to help you reach your business goals. Whether you want more people to know about your brand, increase sales, or become a trusted leader in your field, I can create a design strategy to help you get there. My style is unique and eye-catching, but it’s always based on your brand’s plan and who you want to reach. You won’t find any passing trends here. Instead, you’ll get a timeless brand that connects with your ideal customers and helps your business succeed.

How Does It Work?

1 – Collaboration and Discussion

We explore your vision, values, and target audience and craft a brand strategy that guides every design decision.

2 – Creative Exploration

I channel my creative expertise to develop two distinct logo proposals that reflect your brand’s essence. You select your preferred design, opening the door for collaborative refinement.

3 – Proper Integration into Workflow

We work together to refine your chosen logo to absolute perfection. Upon project completion, you will receive your new logo in various print and web-ready versions and a style guide for optimal usage (with the color palette and the fonts list for your needs).

4 – Launch & Beyond

Your brand comes to life across all touchpoints, ensuring consistency and impact.

How Long Does It Take?

Expect a minimum of 3 weeks for delivery.

How Much Does It Cost?

The service requires an investment starting from €1.400 (VAT excluded – where applicable) for logo development (2 design proposals + up to 3 revisions + colour and font guide style).

Payment is usually split into two parts (30% confirmation, 70% completion), but I am open to discuss with you custom payment plans.

Brand & Logo Design in a Nutshell

  • Craft brand strategy
  • 2 logo design proposal
  • up to 3 revisions on the chosen proposal
  • color and font style guide for logo usage
  • 3 weeks of work
  • Price: starting from €1.400
    (depending on the complexity of the project)

Doubts about your brand?

Book a 1 hour consultation appointment: let's solve your doubts together and see how your idea can be improved or realized.

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