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Packaging Design

Whether business, industry or niche you are in, your packaging tells a story before your product has the chance to.

How can you make packaging that looks good on the shelf and shows the quality of your services? How do you create packaging that explains why customers should pick you? This is where my expertise comes into play.

I specialize in providing packaging design services tailored to small and medium-sized businesses in various industries. My main focus is not just on creating visually appealing designs but on designing packaging that drives sales for your products.

In my role as a project manager, I take charge of the entire process from the initial idea to the final product. I ensure that every element of your packaging, including the logo, choice of materials, website integration, social media presence, and ongoing maintenance, is consistent and in line with your brand’s overall strategy.

My design approach goes beyond simply attracting attention; it aims to establish a meaningful connection with your target audience, convey your brand’s narrative, and highlight the practical benefits and solutions your products offer.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 – Chat It Up
We’ll start with a friendly chat to understand what you’re dreaming of for your product’s packaging.

Step 2 – Ideas Galore
I’ll throw around on eor more ideas and sketch out a few concepts, making sure your packaging stands out on the shelf and speaks to your customers.

Step 3 – Design Magic
Once we’ve nailed down the concept, I’ll get to work on the design, crafting every curve and color until it’s just perfect.

Step 4 – Feedback Time
You’ll take a look and give me your thoughts. Love it? Great! Want tweaks? No problem. We’ll refine it until you’re over the moon.

Step 5 – Final Touches
With your thumbs-up, I’ll wrap up the final design, ensuring it’s ready, not just for print, but to make a splash in the market.

Step 6 – Launch Ready
You get the complete, ready-to-go files, along with my best wishes for your product’s success. Plus, I’ll be here if you need any follow-up.

How Long Does It Take?

Starting from 2 weeks of work, depending on the complexity of the project and of the designs needed.

How Much Does It Cost?

Packaging design has a variable timing and investment, depending on the complexity of the project. Please write a message to me to get a quote!

Packaging Design in a Nutshell

  • Discovery & Strategy
  • Design and revision of packs and specific materials
  • From 2 weeks of work
  • Price: Depending on the complexity of the project)

Doubts about your brand?

Book a 1 hour consultation appointment: let's solve your doubts together and see how your idea can be improved or realized.

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