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Logo Restyling

As markets evolve and your business grows, a logo restyling can breathe new life into your brand, ensuring it remains relevant, resonant, and reflective of your current vision.

How do you maintain the essence of your brand while signaling your evolution to your audience? This is where logo restyling comes into play. It offers a unique opportunity to honor your brand’s heritage while steering it towards a vibrant future.

I have been a project manager who completed hundreds of high-impact projects for corporate clients. Borrowing from my experience, my approach to logo restyling is rooted in a deep respect for your brand’s legacy combined with a forward-thinking design strategy. 

By carefully evaluating your brand’s journey, current market trends, and future goals, I craft a restyled logo that encapsulates your brand’s evolution. This process ensures that your new logo not only stands out visually but also carries forward the essence of your brand, making a statement that captivates your target audience and distinguishes you in the competitive landscape.

How Does It Work?

1 – Deep Dive & Strategy
We uncover your brand’s DNA, understand its core values and evolution and translate your aspirations into a clear roadmap for the logo restyling.

Step 2 – Conceptualization & Choice
We develop a logo concepts that blend your heritage with a contemporary aesthetic, and we refine it together.

Step 3 – Refinement & Finalization
We meticulously perfect your chosen concept, ensuring it aligns with your brand strategy.
Upon project completion, you will receive your new logo in various print and web-ready versions and a style guide for optimal usage (with the color palette and the fonts list for your needs).

Step 4 – Launch & Beyond
Your brand comes to life across all touchpoints, ensuring consistency and impact.

How Long Does It Take?

Expect a minimum of 2 weeks for delivery.

How Much Does It Cost?

The service requires an investment starting from €1.100 (VAT excluded – where applicable) for logo development (design proposal + up to 2 revisions + colour and font guide style).

Payment is usually split into two parts (30% confirmation, 70% completion), but I am open to discuss with you custom payment plans.

Logo Restyling in a Nutshell

  • Exploration of the brand strategy
  • 1 logo design proposal
  • up to 2 revisions on the chosen proposal
  • color and font style guide for logo usage
  • 2 weeks of work
  • Price: starting from €1.100
    (depending on the complexity of the project)

Doubts about your brand?

Book a 1 hour consultation appointment: let's solve your doubts together and see how your idea can be improved or realized.

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