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My latest WordCamps’ and Meetups’ Wapuus!

19 June 2024

As a designer and WordCamp Organizer, my primary goal is to create designs that are both functional and appealing to people. Recently, I have developed a particular fondness for designing the mascots for WordPress Events, known as Wapuus! Among my recent projects, I had the opportunity to design the official mascots for WordCamp Europe 2024, which was held in Torino. However, I have also worked on numerous other Wapuu designs that I am proud of.

Would you like to see some of them?

WordCamp Europe 2024 (Torino, Italy) Wapuus

WordCamp Europe 2023 (Athens, Greece) Wapuu

My Submission for WordCamp Asia 2024 Wapuu

My Local Meetup (Terni, Italy) Wapuu > My most beloved one ❤️

WordCamp Italia 2022 Wapuus

Ancona Meetup Wapuu