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International festival of contemporary performing arts 2013

International festival of contemporary performing arts 2013

Client: Indisciplinarte srl
Where: Italy
Date: September 2013

The Event

In total will be 11 days of performances, installations, sensory experiences, urban interventions, meetings and parties, theater, dance, visual arts, activities dedicated to the creativity of children and adults to care for some of the most interesting contemporary art, national and international.

I designed their image and materials, from ads to catalogues, from t-shirts to bags and pins, from A to Z.

The Philosophy

The spaces of the CAOS, and some other places in the city of Terni, Italy, from September 19th to 29th 2014 have hosted Terni’s International Festival of Contemporary Creation of Terni, which this year reached its 8th edition.

Inspiring from the artwork, biography and political views of their special guest, the artist John Giorno, the purpose of the Festival was to organize “A party for the Gods”, artistic performances which stimulate a debate, a discussion, to mark the spectators.


Pocket Catalogue

Ads and billboards

T-shirtS & Bags

Design and creations of 1-inch pins

Interested in pins?